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A1 100 article

Pregnant woman injured in Yishun accident cries while thanking 12-year-old boy who helped her

A heartwarming piece that was awarded 'Best Story' at SPH's DMG Awards 2016.

Template 2016 article

90kg BMW driver chokes and strangles man at Commonwealth Car Mall

Coverage of a violent scuffle that made local and internal headlines. Also featured on UK publication Daily Mirror. (

Cruisemain article

A surprise proposal, non-stop partying with celebs and endless luxury at It's The Ship 2016

Asia’s largest festival-cruise, It’s The Ship 2016 was one of the year's most anticipated parties and it did not disappoint its 3,800-strong crowd.

Scarletmain article

Meet Scarlet Avenue: The French-speaking sibling band who made Stomp journalist swoon

Besides their flair for music, fluency in French and striking good looks, what else do brothers Amos and Adam Ang from local band, Scarlet Avenue, have in common?

Star article

Unicorn Frappe? Nah, Starbucks baristas at Orchard Point can make even yummier 'Merlion Frappuccino'

Social media is abuzz with Starbucks' Unicorn Frappuccino, newly released in selected countries for a limited time.

Uob response article

Couple who bullied elderly man at Toa Payoh: UOB responds to Stomp to confirm they are NOT its staff

United Overseas Bank (UOB) has responded to a Stomp query to confirm that the couple who were caught on video bullying an elderly man at Toa Payoh Lorong 8 Market & Food Centre on Apr 21 were not its staff.

Mainchain article

The happiest of endings for man who lost priceless gold chain and kind soul who saw his Stomp report

Stomper Edgardo has been reunited with a priceless gold chain that he had earlier lost, after Stomper Habib came across his appeal to locate the missing item on Stomp.

Old article

Couple scolds elderly man for sitting at 'reserved' kopitiam table -- and guy even pushes him

For many of us, we probably do not mind sharing tables with strangers when there is a lack of them at coffeeshops because this is part of Singapore's unique kopitiam culture.

Cheese article

We can now quit our jobs to get a Maserati-driving BF and fanboys, live like tai-tais -- in 6 months

Clearly, a woman's success is dependent on the number of followers (both online and offline) she has and what kind of guy she dates, according to Faves Asia.

Rice article

'Haolian' man gives out free chicken rice: Those who support cabbies will never take it, says taxi driver

Mr Lim's gesture has not been met with much positivity from both netizens and cabbies alike, as a lack of crowds at The Yang's Traditional Hainanese Chicken Rice along Serangoon Road might also suggest.

Cabby article

'Haolian' guy shows off $1,000 notes to cabby, tells him 'why you can't achieve great things'

You have not seen obnoxious until you come across this guy who showed off his 'wealth' to a taxi driver and even proudly posed for the camera while being filmed.

Cancermain 1 article

Woman shares her brave battle with cancer in heartbreaking photos after having 4.8kg cyst removed

A woman has taken to Facebook to share how she first discovered she had ovarian cancer, battled the disease -- and finally overcame the war against it.

Jennmain article

Woman's 'His Love vs My Cancer' story will make you cry buckets: "I really thought I was going to die"

Jennifer Teh Yin Li and her boyfriend, Young, were enjoying their blossoming romance when six months into the relationship, their lives where turned upside down after she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

Orchardmain article

Man beaten up outside Orchard Towers tells Stomp that he was "ambushed and attacked"

A man was sent to hospital after getting beaten up by several guys outside Orchard Towers on Apr 23. Two males, aged 29 and 40, were later arrested.

Nic article

German mentalist Nicolai Friedrich makes you believe in the impossible at Esplanade

Can a single rope have four ends? Then go on to become an endless loop with zero ends? For most of us, it probably sounds impossible.